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The 80/20 Solution

The 80/20 Solution

The first book in what I’m hoping will become the 80/20 series is a moderate success. I’m happy to report. Hallie And Al is selling nicely, though not spectacularly.

All erotic authors, I suppose, hope for a runaway hit like the recent 50 Shades phenomenon with each book they release. Few of them ever experience such a thrill ride: I’ll let you know if I ever do!

The second book of the fledgling series is out today on Amazon and Smashwords. It’s called: Katie And Monty.

While the operating principle 80/20 Solution is the same in each book, the specifics are very different. In the first book, Hallie and her husband take separate vacations in Las Vegas, at the same time, in different hotels, and they agree not to tell each other what they’ve been up to or who they may have met along the way.

They stick to their resolution not to share any of the intimate details of their respective romps with other partners. They both reach the conclusion that finding imagining what the other person may have done to be much more fun than actually knowing what went on while the two of them were apart!

The married couple in the second book, Katie And Monty, make the same pledge of total secrecy to each other. However, they soon discover that circumstances can change rather rapidly, causing such promises to go flying out the window.

But they also learn that honesty is sometimes very rewarding in and of itself. And that knowing what a partner did--and just who they did it with—can prove intoxicating and just the thing for a marriage that needs a little…zest!

Be sure to watch for more books in the 80/20 series in the coming months.