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The 80/20 Solution

The 80/20 Phenomenon

The 80/20 theory has been around for a long time. It was originally part of the study of economics, but it has recently been adapted to personal relationships.

Adherents of this philosophy argue that no matter how “right” two people seem for each other, the two people making up most couples can’t possibly hope to fulfill more than eighty percent of their partner’s needs. Very few can even pretend that they meet one-hundred percent of what the other person needs, one-hundred percent of the time.

What to do about meeting the other twenty percent of a partner’s emotional needs, leisure time, and psychological requirements? Should the husband or boyfriend try to take up ceramics merely because the wife or girlfriend becomes suddenly infatuated with making pots and other useful and decorative objects out of clay? Or should the wife or girlfriend endeavor to become an ace car mechanic, so she can accompany her partner out to the garage while he works on that old car he is restoring?

And what if the wife wishes to take a vacation journey to someplace that the husband could care less about seeing? Does he have to spend a week of his yearly down time touring Inca ruins in the middle of a hot, steamy jungle, when he’d really rather be trout fishing in the High Sierra?

Not if the couple practices the 80/20 lifestyle. He can go his way, while she goes hers, without fear of recrimination or guilt; and they can come back together later, once their separate needs have been met.

This brings us to a very interesting and exciting place, fictionally speaking. Do the individuals involved in the core relationship have to remain monogamous when they’re apart, or should they be free to…explore their options?

That is up to the people participating. One couple may choose fidelity; another may be comfortable with taking a more adventuresome approach while practicing the new lifestyle.

And if they mutually decide to do that, are they then obligated to tell their partner exactly what they’ve done while they were apart, and who they did it with? Again, this is all up to the couple involved.

Some may be dying to share every detail; others may not wish to say a word about what they may or may not have done. Either approach is alright, as long as it’s been discussed with the other partner ahead of time and they’ve both agreed to it.

Welcome then, to C.K. Ralston’s new sub-genre exploration of the 80/20 phenomenon as it applies to shared sexual experiences, cheating that isn’t really cheating in the conventional sense, and other things that may go bump in the night. It may be a wilder ride than some of you are expecting so by all means, hop aboard and fasten your seatbelts for some of the steamiest erotic you’ve ever read!