September 2018 Update

What happens when a happily married couple starts experimenting with the hotwife lifestyle? Will it make their marriage stronger, or will it break apart under the pressure caused by an openly-cheating wife?

Such is the challenge faced by Sharon Black and her husband, Gary, in Something New. They have been married for a long time—twenty-two years—and though they enjoy the trappings of middle-class success (a nice house, great jobs, a son who is doing well in college), each of them is secretly longing for something more.

Enter strapping young libertine Derrick Neely to Sharon’s workplace. All the girls at work are tempted by him, and he is more than happy to oblige them!

Will Sharon eventually succumb to his charms as well? She and her husband have endless fun discussing that topic in bed at night, and it really amps up their once moribund sex lives.

But will reality prove the same as fantasy? Or will Sharon’s taking the plunge with Derrick rip their once happy marriage apart?

The 80/20 Solution

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