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The 80/20 Solution

This month brings to print yet another story featuring the 80/20 Solution. It is as different from the other tales in this series as they are from each other.

Pepper and Mike Landry are a young, very successful professional couple who were born and raised in colorful Monterey, California, went up the coast to nearby Berkeley for their education, and then returned home to marry and make their mark in local society. He is a lawyer and she has just been elevated to a full partnership within the prestigious accounting firm where she works.

They would both insist that their seven-year marriage is rock-solid, were you to ask them about it. And yet both of them are secretly…restless beneath their outward shell of affluence, respectability, and community involvement.

The couple’s best friends are old high school classmates Rudy Penniman and Tabitha Winters. As our story opens, Rudy is running for a seat on the town council and Mike, Pepper, and Tabitha are right behind him, supporting his run.

The tension underlying their four-way friendship comes from the fact that Rudy has always had his eye on Pepper, and she on him. And Mike has always been very attracted to Tabitha, while she has entertained a yen to see what he’s like in bed ever since high school.

They’ve made no secret of the mutual chemistry between all of them, but they’ve never done anything about it. The four of them have always been “just friends”, although Rudy and Tabitha have maintained a loose, “friends with benefits” relationship for some year now.

Will the heat of the campaign Rudy’s involved in bring them all closer together than ever before? And Will that proximity--along with the infamous “seven-year itch” afflicting Mike and Pepper’s married relationship--cause Mike’s luscious, red-headed wife to consider finally straying with tall, muscular, and very handsome Rudy?

 I urge you to read my latest novel and find out…

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