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The 80/20 Solution

November brings with it the release of a new 80/20 tale, entitled: Nora And Butch. Again, it is as different from its four predecessors as they were from each other.

That’s what the 80/20 format concept is all about: it allows an author to write a hotwife story, a swinger novel, or anything else he or she may care to explore! The viewpoint can be first person, omniscient, or third person so that the author can relay the tale from the wife’s as well as the husband’s point of view. Much more exciting for readers, and a much satisfying way to write erotica!

This one, about Butch and his long-time wife, Nora, is a revenge tale, with a little hotwifing and swinging stirred into the mix. Deep down, the couple still loves each other, but Butch’s years of habitual cheating have finally taken their toll on Nora’s psyche.

She wants to pay Butch back for all of the anxious nights and his countless late night arrivals at home; for all the implausible explanations he’s handed her; and for all the strange perfume she has smelled on his body when he finally returned to their bed! She doesn’t really want a divorce, but she desperately craves some payback!

This one has lots of hot sex, plus two central characters that could be living right down the street from you. See if you don’t agree their story is one worth reading!

November Update