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The 80/20 Solution

Bristol and Ronny North have a problem: he is twenty-eight, handsome, in great shape, and has a higher than normal sex drive. She is almost twenty-six, a red-headed knockout with an almost perfect figure, and she rarely says “no” to her husband in bed.

But over the last year or so, Ronny has secretly become enraptured with the hotwife culture. So much so, that he can’t maintain an erection for long without imagining Bristol as part of an illicit duo, or even as the subject of a gangbang!

She is frustrated by the gradual lessening of his interest in her and still in the dark as to his little fantasy. He is being driven nearly crazy by his wild flights of fancy concerning her cheating on him with other hot guys!

There is one thing both of them agree on: Bristol would never behave in the way he imagines her behaving. She’s just “not that kind of girl”!

When Bristol becomes aware of her husband’s little fetish, however, she finds the notion of becoming exactly that kind of a girl both alluring and frightening at the same time. Will she try the hotwife lifestyle, just to win Ronny back in the bedroom?

And, if she does, will it prove to be their salvation or the end of their once happy marriage?

Not That Kind Of Girl is my new novel which answers that question…