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The 80/20 Solution

Well, faithful readers, I guess it’s time to close out the 80/20 Solution experiment. Aaron And Cooper failed to sell the way I hoped it would, and sales for the other entries in this series have been less than expected as well.

So I’m pulling the plug on the 80/20 concept. From here forward, I plan to offer a number of single-entry novels, dealing with a variety of titillating topics and sexy situations.

All will, of course, contain the hottest of scenes, the settings my fans love, and well-developed characters that will be as different from my other characters as I can make them. The first of these new literary efforts comes out this month, and it is titled: Getting Ahead.

It concerns one young woman’s struggle to improve her almost non-existent fellatio skills. By dedicating all of her efforts to achieving that goal, she manages to change not only her ability to attract enthusiastic sexual partners, but the direction of her entire life.

I hope you enjoy it!


March Update