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In Looking Back...

In looking back at my last commentary, I see it has been since late fall or early winter that I last posted anything new on this page. Sorry about that, but writing books, dealing with computer hassles, and Life in general seems to keep getting in the way: I always have the best intentions as to writing a few words for this space but I don’t seem to follow through very often.

All that is behind me now; I vow never to shirk my responsibilities to update this page again. I wouldn’t believe me, if I were you. I vowed to shed a few pounds, too at the first of the year, but I am still as substantial as I ever was; those good intentions aside.

Well, at least I have a new novel to show for my lack of attentiveness to this website. It’s called Carson: A Model Hotwife; and I think if you have enjoyed my past work, you’ll like this one.

Carson is a twenty-nine year old wife and mom who lives in Medford, Oregon, and is married to Ben, a car repair shop owner. They have a small house, two young kids, a mortgage, and a pair of lives that are as normal as can be.

But Carson, who is a tall, very statuesque girl with fiery strawberry-blonde hair and a big sex drive, happens to meet Will Cypress, a local up-and-coming young artist whose main claim to fame is the daring nude paintings he produces in a local studio. He’s very taken with Carson’s spectacular body and her sexy look; so he asks her to consider becoming one of his figure models.

Carson and her husband aren’t sure what to make of his proposal at first, but Will is talking about a substantial hourly wage for posing…and--this being one of my books--one thing rapidly leads to another and Carson finds herself doing a lot more with handsome, bad-boy Will than simply posing for some naughty paintings!

I think this one has just the right mix of hot scenes and characters that seem as real as the couple living down the block from you. Let’s see what you, the readers, think!