Well, here it is July already and the weather, as per usual, is as hot as a C.K. Ralston book. In keeping with that mid-summer theme, there’s a new release coming your way.

This one is a little unusual. It’s not a hotwife book. It’s not a swinger book.

Madison, the wife portrayed in this novel, makes the decision to cheat on her inattentive, self-absorbed husband for no other reason than—in her opinion—he deserves it! And she deserves something better for herself.

The perfect opportunity has presented itself in her normally boring life; she finds both the situation and the man so avidly pursuing her to be irresistible. So she lets herself be seduced.

Does she feel bad about what she’s done, when it’s all over? Yes and no.

The sex with this handsome, worldly stranger was both deliciously exhilarating and rewarding. And because her husband is so clueless, she got away with it easily, so…

The problem: she feels she is going stir crazy after the affair has ended. The normal life she returns to seems even more unexciting than it was before, and she finds living it to be more unfulfilling than ever.

That is until the muscleman who serves as her personal trainer—and is young enough to date her college-age daughter--begins to show an interest in Madison that is decidedly unprofessional. Will she risk cheating on her marriage again? And if she does, will she be successful at pulling the wool over her husband’s eyes once more?

Read Cheating and find out! 

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