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The 80/20 Solution

January Update

The tale of Cooper Allen and her husband Aaron, represents yet another take on the 80/20 Solution. The difference between it and my other works exploring the Solution’s many possibilities is the long-standing sexual relationship between Cooper’s best friend, Megan, and her; as well as an intimate examination of the one between Cooper and Aaron.

Megan and Cooper have shared an on-again, off-again lesbian relationship since high school, as well as being best friends. Because Cooper believes them to have literally no secrets between each other as far as sex goes, she considers the two of them to be even closer than most blood sisters.

But are they really? Cooper thinks she knows everything there is to know about her friend, though she is well aware that Megan has come under the sway of her husband, the dashingly handsome Rex Flowers.

Cooper served as Megan’s Maid of Honor at their wedding, and she and Aaron are confident they have come to know Rex quite well over the years. But they discover that they don’t know quite all there is to know about the other couple--Rex and Megan are secret swingers!

When Cooper stumbles onto this revelation, it quickly changes all four of their lives and the relationship between them: Rex and Megan want Cooper and Aaron to join them as swingers!

Will they? And if they do so, how will it affect their friendship…the Allen’s own marriage; their established lifestyle?

For all of my long-time fans who always want more and even hotter sex scenes, consider this book C.K. Ralston’s New Year’s present to you!