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Fall is almost gone and winter is just around the corner. Living in northern California, I sometimes have to look at the calendar to tell the seasons are changing. 

Truthfully, it’s not hard to tell summer is here.  When it’s over a hundred outside on some days, summer has definitely arrived. 

Likewise, it can get cold and blustery around this part of the country during the winter months; although some of my readers living in less temperate climes may argue that a rainy thirty-seven degrees with a forty mile an hour wind feels fairly mild when you contrast it with a low of sixty degrees below zero, accompanied by a stiff breeze! 

Like a lot of things in life, it’s all relative, I suppose. It all depends on the weather extremes you are used to experiencing. 

Using the same analogy may be helpful in regard to looking at erotic fiction. 

 Some of my readers, for instance, seem to think my latest books are too graphic in their depiction of some of the more “exotic” sexual practices engaged in between male and female partners. Others seem to enjoy my explorations of some of the “kinkier” aspects of consensual sex. 

I long ago realized you can’t please everyone, no matter what you include in your stories or what you choose to leave out, so I rarely give it much thought anymore. I just strive to write what the story seems to call for; nothing more, nothing less. 

Some tales call for the inclusion of violent characters, for example. Such abrasive fictional personalities would seem ill-suited and out of place in others. 

But as I have said many times before, I’m a writer who—as much as I might desire to create believable characters and place them in provocative situations which will prove entertaining to prospective readers—also relishes monetary success. If no one bought my books, I’d find something else to do! 

For that reason, I remain somewhat sensitive to what readers seem to want and what they don’t.  In that context, your feedback is vitally important to me. 

That’s why I always make it a practice to include my email address at the end of each book and invite you to contact me, no matter whether you liked that particular book or not. Your one-on-one feedback is invaluable to me as a writer! 

How else—other than through reader book reviews, accompanied by falling or rising sales figures—am I going to know how much you like what I’m doing, or how much you don’t?

So please, contact me via email. In most cases I’ll reply personally, and thank you for your patronage and your input, whether it is positive or negative.


Fall is Here
 By C.K. Ralston

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