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  • Each book by this author betters the previous one.
  • This may melt your Kindle. Enjoy....... read in a cool room to avoid spontaneous combustion. Five fan rating. Happy reading.
  • C.K. Ralston is the best author of erotica I have read.
  • Finally an erotic book with a good story line! The characters are well developed. The plot is good and it is erotica. Loved it!
  • Story line was plausible and kept me rich in the story.

  • Very different story and characters.

  • C.K is one of the best authors around.

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Ralston's Realm Books

Available in the Kindle format at, these sensual tales by an acknowledged grand master of erotica, C.K. Ralston, are filled with the sort of excitement you crave, the pulse-pounding, exotic liaisons you want to see unfold, and the kind of erotic fantasy which will totally grip your imagination. See if you don’t agree!