Coming Changes

 By C.K. Ralston

While the “branding” aspect of writing a series, such as “Wives Who Stray” or “Swingers” has worked fairly well for me in the past, I am now resolved to abandon it in favor of the “stand alone” book. In the rare instance when I feel moved to write a follow up book or sequel to one of my novels, I shall do so.

But I’ll endeavor to make both books worthy of a separate read. In some of my older works, I have used characters I really liked writing about in more than one book, but they usually appear in minor roles in subsequent novels. I intend to continue this trend in future titles.

That brings me to an interesting point; older titles. At one time, I wrote for several other publishing houses and they still have the rights to some of my older books.

The contract I signed with each of them at the time, however, entitles me to reclaim my work after three years, and I intend to start doing just that in the near future. I will put new covers on them, buff them up a bit—I flatter myself that I write a bit better now than I did ten years ago, so I will re-edit my older works to some extent before I re-release them—and then reissue them under my own banner.

To all of you who already own back titles by me, please be sure that you don’t already own the initial version of one of these refurbished works before you purchase the new ones. As I have stated, the cover will be new, as will some of the writing, but I don’t envision making such drastic changes that you’ll want to buy both copies! So beware, as buyers, of reacquiring something you already have on your digital bookshelf.

With this in mind, I’m going to try my best not to change any of the old titles when I issue them anew. In that way, at least, you readers should be able to keep track of what you are buying and to avoid duplications.

Never fear, I will continue writing new fiction as I redo the old. I fully intend to publish new works as fast as they come to me and I complete work on them.

Keep a sharp eye out. They’ll be there!

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