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The 80/20 Solution

August Update

Another month brings a brand new story to these pages: The 80/20 Solution; Toni And Frank. Like the two entries in this series before it, this one focuses on a married couple who choose to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional marriage.

And yet it is as different from Hallie And Al, and from Katy And Monty, as they are from each other! This time, only one of the partners is restless; Toni is as happy with the current state of her marriage as she can be.

It is her husband, Frank, who longs for more…spice; more excitement! Toni is fantastic as a lover and a bed partner, but in the depths of his most secret fantasies, he longs to see her with another guy.

He is reluctant to tell her this, however, as Toni is a no nonsense sort of a girl who is dead set against “fooling around” outside her marriage. What to do, what to do?

Then Frank reads about the 80/20 Solution. Could this be a gateway to achieving what he really wants out of the marriage?

It doesn’t look like it will succeed in bring about what he wants at first, when

Frank first brings it up. But Toni slowly comes around to the possibility of exploring Frank’s inner-most fantasies, as long as it’s done together. She doesn’t think she could ever bring herself to “do something that nasty” on her own, without him being there with her!

Will she like this newfound ability to experiment? Or will she reject being a “bad girl”, if she ever deigns to try it?

I invite you to read The 80/20 Solution: Toni And Frank, and find out!