Page is a nineteen year old pixie of a girl with the sexual experience of a much older woman, thanks to her association with DJ, her handsome, sexy, but oh, so corrupting boyfriend at college. DJ and his circle of debauched friends like to party, long into the night and the next morning, passing each other’s girlfriends around like party favors.

Raised in a strict religious environment at her home in rural Oregon, Page is at first very attracted to this new, anything-goes lifestyle. She soon becomes the life of the party, the girl every guy seeks out before the night ends and to take his turn with her, sometimes two or three guys at a time!

After waking up hung over, stoned out, and sexually taken advantage of one too many times at a wild party at the very end of her freshman year, Page makes a fateful decision: she will change schools over the summer, attending a college in the fall where no one has heard of her or her party-girl reputation.

But Page soon faces a new challenge. She is drawn into a threesome with her roommate and her boyfriend just weeks after arriving at her new school.

Then she meets a guy who is as handsome as DJ was, just as bent, and who is rich as a rajah, with access to the sort of party goodies that DJ could only dream about. And he’s just crazy about Page!

Will she revert to her old ways? Since this is one of my books, the answer is: of course she will!

But the way she does it is unique. And therein lies a tale…

The 80/20 Solution

August 2018 Update

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