The 80/20 Solution

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"I write what I have seen, and what I have done.

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Eighty/Twenty, baby; take it or leave it! That’s Nora’s demand!

She has her husband, Butch, by the balls and he knows it.

 They’ve been married for over twenty years and have done very well for themselves, financially. Their net worth is over thirty million dollars. And, since they live in California, a joint-property state, half of that amount is as good as Nora’s, should she choose to file for divorce from her philandering husband!

But she doesn’t really want a divorce: she wants revenge for the way Butch has been blatantly cheating on her for years. Her lawyer has made her aware of the Eighty/Twenty Solution and suggested it might be a way for her to have her cake and eat it too!

Trapped by the X-rated video of him and his secretary the private detective Nora hired has obtained, Butch is forced to give her the freedom she wants. Will her demands for “equal time” to fool around with other men just as Butch has with other women for years spell the end for them as a couple, or it will mark the beginning of an exciting new kind of relationship?

Read the Eighty/Twenty Solution: Nora And Butch, and find out!

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.
Sloan: A True Hotwife

— C.K. Ralston