At first glance, Carson Stanley and her husband Ben are the epitome of a young, middle-class couple living in semi-rural, modern day America. He owns his own auto repair garage, employing two other mechanics, and she is a grocery checker at a large-chain supermarket. They have two young kids, a small house with a big mortgage, and dreams of sending their kids to college some day.

But Carson has something else going for her. Had she been born in the forties or fifties, she could have been a major movie star: she has one of those tall bodies with unbelievable curves; a face that is simply gorgeous, and her long, strawberry-blonde hair falls down onto her shoulders.

Looking the way she does, she also has quite a past with boys and later on, with men. But she has been true her big, burly husband ever since their whirlwind courtship and marriage six years before.

Along comes Will Cypress, tall and elegant, and oh, so handsome.

Will is an up and coming painter, an artist whose work is just beginning to really be respected by the international art community. And his trained eye notices the voluptuous Carson the moment he first sees her.

He offers her a lot of money to pose for him, in the nude. Will she do it? Will husband Ben let her? And if she does, will the bad girl still lurking within her be able to resist the advances of a handsome rogue like Will Cypress every day, when she’s already naked?

Read Carson: A Model Hotwife and find out!

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.

— C.K. Ralston

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