From C.K. Ralston, the dean of erotic storytellers:

Cited as #1 Best Selling Author of Lesbian Fiction on Amazon multiple times
Cited as #1 Best Selling Author in several other Amazon erotica categories

A new tale of the hotwife experience, with more than a little cuckoldry thrown in!

Bristol and Ronny have been married for five years. They’re still very much in love, but Ronny had been experiencing erection problems lately, and they seem to be getting worse!

Spying on him to discover why he seems barely interested in her anymore, she is shocked to learn that her man has been totally swept up in a hotwife fantasy, starring her and other men. She soon learns that’s why Ronny interest has seemed to have decreased lately; he’s totally enraptured with imagining her with other guys!

She makes a fateful decision to give him what he wants…if he really wants it. Will bold decision of hers signal the end of their happy marriage, or will it be the beginning of a new, even hotter relationship between the two of them?

Read Not That Kind Of Girl and find out!

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.

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— C.K. Ralston

Sloan: A True Hotwife

"I write what I have seen, and what I have done.

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