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Sloan: A True Hotwife

Fiona Meade has been married to her husband, Vaughn, for five years. They met back in high school, went steady, and got married just after she’d graduated 

Their life together has been great so far, except for one thing: lately, they’ve experienced a definite decline when it comes to the bedroom. It’s not that they are dissatisfied with one another, exactly, but they both desperately want to reignite the “spark” missing from their sex lives.

Vaughn came across the phenomenon of wife-watching on the net and they’ve elected to try that, with spectacular results. But they soon learned what couples before them had learned: it is necessary to keep “pushing the envelop”, as far as the wife’s behavior goes, for them to enjoy the same level of heat from wife-watching. Soon dancing cheek to cheek and light make out sessions with the men Fiona meets aren’t enough; Vaughn realizes that she has to be willing to go further and further with her perspective “dates” in order to maintain the same excitement. 

Now, Fiona has been given the green light by her husband to go as far as she feels comfortable with going; all the way, if necessary! Enter Reggie Patterson, tall, devastatingly good-looking, and hungry to explore her obvious charms. 

Will letting him have his way with the budding hotwife add new spice to the marriage, or will it prove to be the first step toward its complete unraveling?

 Read Fiona: A Hotwife Saga, and find out!

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.

— C.K. Ralston

"I write what I have seen, and what I have done.