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Pepper Landry and her husband, Mike, live in scenic Monterey, California. They grew up there and are considered to be young “movers and shakers” in the small coastal city.

They are well off, on solid career paths, and happily married. Or are they?

The old notion of the “seven-year itch” seems to be subtly affecting them. On the surface, they are more than content with each other and yet, deep down, they are both restless. And when the idea of “opening up” their marriage is broached, they are more than a little intrigued by it.   

Pepper has always been attracted to a close friend of theirs--Rudy, a dashingly handsome black man with a playboy reputation--and him to her. But the time has never been right for either Pepper or Rudy to do anything about it.

Is the time right now, when Mike admits to himself that he is intensely curious about seeing the tall, muscular Rudy and his stunning, red-haired wife together in bed? Will Pepper and Mike’s experiment with the 80/20 Solution lead them to take the plunge into hotwife infidelity, with no regrets?

 Or will it end up tearing their marriage, and their friendship with Rudy, apart?

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.

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— C.K. Ralston

Sloan: A True Hotwife

"I write what I have seen, and what I have done.