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Michelle and Brandon Willis have been happily married for ten years. They still have great sex and a great love for each other but Brandon can’t help imagining his spectacular wife having sex with other men.

It remains a harmless fantasy of his and a guilty secret, until Michelle badgers him to admitting why he’s suddenly been acting like a teenager in bed. Intrigued by his answer, she discovers on the web that her daydreaming hubby is not alone; millions of men have similar fantasies and some of the luckier ones are even able to realize them in real-life. She tells him all about the hotwife phenomenon she’s discovered through her research, and together, they decide to explore it.

Enter Ed Livingston; he is rich, handsome, and hot for Michelle. He seems the perfect man to include in their fun and games.

But Ed has a dark side to his sexual nature. Will Michelle’s willingness to help Ed realize his fantasies as well spell the end for her marriage to Brandon?

Read this book and find out!

C.K.Ralston has been writing erotic fiction over thirty years and is the author of over sixty published novels within this genre.

— C.K. Ralston

"I write what I have seen, and what I have done.